All meeting dates will be the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the Renner Community Hall.

Proper Wastewater Collection Is the Key to a Healthy Community

We work hard to provide quality wastewater treatment services

The Renner Sanitary District is a wastewater collection service based in Renner, South Dakota. Our utility company was formed about 40 years ago and is governed by a 3 member board of Trustees. Local home and business owners rely on us for the safe collection and treatment of their wastewater, including grey water and sewage.

Whether you have billing questions, need to set up wastewater collection services or are experiencing a sewage emergency, you can get in touch with a district representative quickly. Call the Renner Sanitary District at 605-330-4189 today.

When should you contact us?

Wastewater emergencies, like backflows, can lead to contaminated drinking water and other health hazards. Reach out to the Renner Sanitary District right away if you notice any of the following issues:


Sewage odors near your house or office building


Sewage or water backing up in your drains or basement


Unusual noises or foul odors coming from a manhole in our service area

Please keep in mind that you can prevent sewage clogs by disposing of kitchen waste properly. Never pour grease, fat or cooking oils down the drain or in your garbage disposal.

Call 605-330-4189 right away to report a wastewater emergency.

Find out if we serve you

The Renner Sanitary District provides wastewater collection services to residential and commercial property owners. To find out if we serve your neighborhood, visit our Resources page now to view the boundary maps for our district.